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Drinks anyone?

Helloo people!
recently, (like 10 mins ago) i came across a website that suggests you drinks according to who you're listening to, if anyone here is like me, then this calls for a mandatory JE Drink List.... (YAYY!!)

Firstly, Arashi!

The Arashi

Arashi Themed Drinks, This Way --->Collapse )

I DO hope these taste good...
Anyway...Have Fun!


Writer's Block: Reading corner

Ahhh difficult question, each has it's own charms...
If it's writing, then it non-fiction mainly because i like knowing new stuff
However, reading-wise it definitely fiction (most of the time, like 60%) as i only read non fiction if i'm feeling like feeling clever :L

(this just made me want to do a list of reviews for books that i've read)
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.

I have nothing better to do...

I know many if not all Arashi fans have seen this before but just in case for some ridiculous reason you have NOT! here it is; the 88 or so conditions that could help diagnose your illness (i wouldn't call it that tbh, its perfectly normal to flail about on) (unless more than half apply to you... then it really is an obsession- but a good one- cuz we could all use a couple more rainbows in our lives) the blue writing is my comments about the points (:

1.You were baited by Jun-kun (Eh...I was Nino/Aiba Bait)

2.Anything over 49kg is “fat”. (lol good thing i weigh exactly that then :P)

3.The best dancer in Johnny’s is Ohno, period (anyone that disagrees, beware for some video spamming)

4. You’re forever daydreaming and imagining…about Arashi and you. (Nah not really always but like when i'm REALLLY bored in class)

5. You save for Natsu Concert…the whole year, 2 years, 10 years, etc.

6. Only true idols get extremely popular after putting stockings over their head, wearing nipples shirts and daisy dukes. (True Story!)

7. You’re envious of the Arashi FC members. (YES!)

8. You’re envious of anyone that lives in Japan. (YES! YES!)

9. Every time a new single comes out, you bounce around the room in joy and watch the PV (promotional video) 19074546 times. (Doesn't everyone?)

10. Despite how poor you are, somehow you manage to buy all albums/singles. (i haven't got a single one!! :'(  but i WILL get the DVD of beautiful world con if when the put one out)

11. The first kanji you memorized is 嵐 - “arashi”.  (first one that i didn't need a prompt for!!)

12. And then the kanji of all the members’ names. (recognition.. yes, writing without help...No)

13. When speaking Japanese you only know “male” dominates words such as “omae” “umai” “kuse”.  (Tell me about it it’s like 40% of my vocab)

How many of this applies to you?Collapse )


Just shut up and drive ♪

Helloo all, again!
I'm back! yayy this may not seem like much now to those who dont know me but to those who do it is a BIG accomplishment! I don't normally say that I'll do one thing and stick to it for long... example? I've already given up on LJ a couple of times. its probably because I have to search my brain for something to write about... its not like i've been gifted with the all the necessary writing skills to keep a blog going like many of the people i follow and many of the comms i'm a member of...

anyway, i got back from my driving lesson like a couple of hours ago. for those wondering why I'm having lessons so late in life when people just take to the wheel as soon as they've turned 16 or 17 its because i didnt have any time in between school stuff (doing maths, chemistry physics and biology is no walk in the park!) also i forgot that i need to send the form in and that it takes absolutely agesssssss to come through.

As i was saying... i had my second driving lesson today and it was about left turns. it sounds simple but OMA!! i held my breath the whole time, i neveeeerrr realized that cars can be that scary :L so i just had to go round the block like a million times (which btw had like 3 roundabouts in the way) and then 'drive' home (which i didn't realize till i was like halfway there -__- )
so anyone taking their driving tests or lessons GOOD LUCK!! Ganbatte ^__^

BYE xxxx

P.S- i didn't stall once!! (okay i did, but just once though- literally)


Is it an Orange? A Lemon? No, its Apple!

Heyy again! I am definitely gunna try my hardest to find something to write at least every other day!
Now you know how I mentioned my phone broke like on Wednesday... I had an appointment today to go get it fixed and I have to say the people at the Apple store are the nicest! The guy said that instead of going into all the trouble of sending my phone off and not being able to fix it and stuff that I may as well get a new Phone. So I was all yayyy ^_^ thank you <3

But when I got home I was soo exited to back it up and get on with my day and all that that it never occurred to me that I need my password (which I'd completely forgotten like a couple of months ago) so I tried like EVERY password possible and all in vain so I had to set it up as a new phone and loose all my stuff in the process (bookmarks passwords everything) so I am extremely pissed off with apple for having this one flaw in their grand design (its that you can't reset your backup password)

Anyway! On a lighter note... My brother and sister are having an Arashi marathon thanks to me •_- i have to say I'm pretty good at baiting people onto stuff they might not have liked otherwise (even though I don't see ANY reason why someone wouldn't like Arashi as they are)

I suppose that's it except I'm looking to buy a hard drive now since my laptop only has 73GB left due to all the downloads :P
Well then, I've got to do mathematics
byeee xx

P.S if you've got twitter follow mee ne? It's Ashyy_xx


Hellllloooooo guys! I'm back! Or not I haven't decided what to do with my LJ yet (as in what to write in it) but as I am led on my bed thinking of the past week (as you do) I'd have to say this week was no joke...! I WAS ill for most of it mind, but what troubled me endlessly was Wednesday...

I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling a bit of Arashi since I was home alone and all and half way through re(mark)able the song just flat out stopped... My iPhone broke... Or rather it's speakers did. So I wallowed in self sorrow for a while and then figured that there's no way but to just get my ass to the store and get the genius guys to fix it..
Little did I know worse news was to follow. Later on Thursday night as i was browsing the day's tweets (again, as you do) I came across aramatheydidnt's tweet which sent me into slight depression..

'YamaPi & Ryo have left NEWS!' I cried to my sister (by cried I mean yelled) since she's known and supported me through all my ridiculous obsessions... I think its safe to say she seemed pretty shocked by it too! And then she asked me what id do now that NEWS aren't together and frankly though they're the reason that I found out about Johnnys and subsequently the reason for my arashi obsession I never did really like them that much I suppose (in the nicest way possible- as in I stopped following them since they didn't appear so much in shows and that- but I did have a special place in my heart for them though)

So anyway that was my eventful 2 days and I'd write more if I can keep my eyes open for 2 seconds longer but alas! I can't sorry it's almost depressing how I feel sleepy at 00:00 (that's the time here)
well then, byyyeeeeee xxx speak soon xx

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Hello ^_^ this being my first post on here since I've joined LJ (I know what you're thinking, i'm lazy) but rather than being lazy I think it's a problem in that I have had nothing that I thought was interesting enough to put on here for the world to see -__-
Do I now have something that I want to share with everyone? Umm.. Not really.. I just thought it's a bit of a waste having an LJ and not really writing in it :L to tell you the truth originally I got an LJ just for the sake of following my fandoms (if that makes sense at all..) but here I am finally making my first post after like a year of......Not..making.a post? (:

Since this is a first post and all I think it's good .if you know some stuff about me (:
Firstly, no worries, I'm a relatively normal person (I mean who hasn't got quirks?)
Secondly, I love all things JE (Johnny's Ent.) especially Arashi <3
Thirdly, I can relate to or talk about nearly anything and everything (seriously, try me :D)

The other stuff:
• I love taking pictures (remember, a picture is worth a 1000 words?)
• I love cooking (basically making pretty food) although I'm a vegetarian and have been since I can remember
• I love love love love my iTunes collection (i.e music in general)
• I love the usual girly stuff (shopping etc.)
• I love reading (pretty much anything)
• I'm interested in pretty much anything Japanese these days (the side effects of trying to learn a language :L )
And I can't think of anything else right now (in my sleep starved state -_-) but if you want to know more DO ASK (PM if you're shy :D) you never know we might have the exact same interests (as odd as that sounds)

I promise to think of SOMETHING interesting to write on here :L
Ja, Ciao xx

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Me... Who I Am?

Aishwarya Ravi


November 2011